Sida wax loo cuno xilliga caadada

The unpleasant symptoms that accompany a woman throughout the cycle depend on the state of the hormonal system. But an important role in this play has food. Lower back pain in the stomach, you can reduce mood swings by adjusting your diet.


1-5 maalmood

During this period in a woman’s body drops progesterone sharply and gradually increases the level of estrogen. Against the background of such hormonal changes decreases the amount of calcium in the body, decreases the metabolism, there are irritability and cramps in the muscles.


At this time, it is essential to focus on foods with calcium, dairy, green khudaar. Pay attention to the broccoli, which contains folic acid, which affects estrogen levels in the blood.

To reduce pain, including in food antioxidants, citrus miraha, plums, apples, red cabbage. Add fitamiin E – is vegetable oil and beans. Eat nuts, potato chips, and bananas, which are rich in potassium iyo magnesium.

These days there has been a sharp drop in hemoglobin, so it is important to consume birta-containing foods. It’s doofaarka, hilibka lo'da, cuntada badda, digaag.

5-14 maalmood

During this period, estrogen levels peaked, there comes a favorable time for conception – on day 14, ovulation occurs. She has just maintained woman sexy, skin, hair, and nails in good condition, and this condition.


Because the body is configured for weight loss, you want to include it in the diet foods diet to synthesize important hormones, zinc, and most of this element in foods of animal origin – meat, rabbit, beef beerka, and seafood.

15-23 maalmood

The level of estrogen decreases, and progesterone increases. Metabolism slows down; it looks like a woman no longer like themselves. Often there is swelling; there are bags under his eyes, slightly increased weight. Skin and hair become greasy, appear to acne and inflammation.


From the diet, it is desirable to exclude fatty foods, cusbo, and smoked Hilib. Sweets should also be reduced and increased the number of vegetables and fruits that will come out of that period with minimal losses for weight loss.

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